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We are so happy you've joined us!

On this page you'll find resources, tools, and a lot of links to help you get set up for sucess!

Your the boss here and we've tried to think of everything to help your transition be smooth.

But if any questions come up, we're always a phone call away!

Welcome to the KW Family!

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*Be logged into KW COmmand + NWMLS Before clicking links.

There are a variety of classes from NWMLS that will help you get orientated with the Matrix System and inputing listing & buying info.

Agent Classes from NWMLS

Great Classes to explore Include:


NWMLS New Subscriber Orientation

NWMLS Matrix Listing Input

NWMLS Matrix 1:Essentials 

NWMLS Transaction Desk: Foundations 

NWMLS Transaction Desk II: Advanced Features 

*All of these can be found under classes in NWMLS once you've loged in.