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Although Keller Williams has been established for several decades and now celebrates being #1 in agent count, units and sales volume in the world, KW has only had its presence here in North Central Washington since December 2017. 

Led by long-standing broker of over 30 years and native Chelan County resident, Russ McClellan, his vision became reality when launching Keller Williams NCW in an effort to transform the landscape of the NCW region for real estate agents and consumers alike. A company that has continually adapted and been at the forefront of innovation, Keller Williams was undeniably the model Russ not only felt was the right choice, but the only choice moving into an ever changing world and forced adaptation that technology has brought us into.

Today, Keller Williams NCW has more agents than any other company in the region and is growing rapidly as agents discover the value proposition and offerings of KW better than anywhere else. This has allowed both newer and seasoned agents to launch their businesses to new heights and offer a level of service that exceeds today's industry standards. 

Our goal at KW NCW is to raise the bar for our agents and thus the level of service our clients receive by providing massive value, limitless resources and a culture that facilitates our agent's ability to excel to the very highest level possible. We don't believe a traditional top-down model is the way to achieve this. We believe in abundance, a company that listens to agents, adapts to our agent's needs and shares back to our agents in profits as we grow and succeed together! 

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